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How do I know what type of property I have?

There are a bunch of different property types so here’s a quick guide on how to define yours.

A ‘single-family’ is a stand-alone house (no shared spaces with other families).

A ‘single-family home with neighborhood association’ is if you live in a single-family home and pay neighborhood dues or homeowner’s association dues.

A ‘multi-family’ is a single building that accommodates more than one family living separately (for ex. a duplex).

A ‘condo’ is a building with separate units that are individually owned and you pay dues to a condo association.

A ‘townhouse’ is if you share one or two walls with an adjacent property that has a different owner and typically has multiple floors/levels.

If you feel like your property doesn’t fall into any of these categories, just say ‘not sure’.

Updated on: 07/07/2022