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How is Beeline different to other lenders?

We’re plenty different.

While we’re a lender, we want you to focus on the excitement of your new home or the extra freedom a refi can bring. Taking you there is more important than the loan itself.

As for the loan, we’ve compressed the entire meandering journey into a Beeline, removing steps and automating others.

Applying with other lenders means typing answers off the top of your head, and verifying them later with a bunch of docs. The pre-approval and rate you get in the meanwhile isn’t super reliable because it’s not based on actual numbers and the info you’ve given isn’t yet verified.

We prefer you to know your final rate and feel confident about a truly purchase-ready or refi-ready approval upfront, so we use actual numbers from the source.

How else are we different?

We don’t lure you in with bait rates and 3-minute BS pre-quals then hassle you with annoying calls.

Instead, your Loan Guide is your single point of contact all the way to closing and you’ll contact them on your terms.

Updated on: 09/08/2022