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What do I need to apply the manual way?

Do the 5 steps in 15 minutes, or break it up and pick up where you left off later. All information transferred is encrypted
end-to-end and none of your credentials are stored or accessible to anyone.

To enjoy the smoothest, fastest experience, this is what you’ll need at each step:

Step 1 — Create profile: Nothing.

Step 2 — Down payment: Login details or current balances for:

Bank, savings or checking accounts.
Plus any other asset or retirement accounts.

Step 3 — What you make: Login details for:

Your payroll provider (eg. ADP). But before you enter those, we'll check to see if your income details are with The
Work Number — it's a super speedy way to get your income info directly from your employer and requires zero effort
from you.
Your tax agent (eg. TurboTax, H&R Block). As a fallback, you can instantly upload your docs.

If you are employed by someone else or a company:

Your most recent pay stub.
Most recent 2 years’ complete federal tax returns.

If you are self-employed:

Last two years’ tax returns.

Step 4 — What you owe: Nothing (Just make sure you don’t have a credit freeze on your credit reports)

Step 5 — Declarations: Nothing.

Then say hello to your Purchase-Ready or Refi-Ready Approval.

Aside from an easier application with fewer questions, there’ll be less work and fewer supporting docs needed later, which
is sweet.

Updated on: 16/08/2022