Articles on: Purchase-Ready Approvals

Why is a purchase-ready approval better than a normal pre-approval or pre-qual letter?

Normally after enduring a long-winded application interrogation, you’ll get a pre-approval, if you’re lucky. But because the ‘declared’ information you provide isn’t yet verified, the pre-approval has a lot of ‘outs’ for the lender and is subject to change upon receipt of supporting documents. By the time they’re submitted and reviewed, several days can pass, maybe more.

The pre-approval letter helps you go out house shopping and mix it up with realtors, but even though everyone is acting cool, the reality is that you, the realtor and any seller are inwardly nervous about whether the loan amount and rate etc. will hold up.

No one likes that situation. Especially us.

So we use actual numbers that are collected and verified instantly as you apply — your bank, pay and even your tax info. It means we don’t need to ask as many questions and can do in 15 minutes what takes other lenders days.

Aside from saving you a ton of work and keeping our rates low, it’s more reliable than a typical pre-approval, so you can make offers like a boss without any nagging doubts or fear of disappointment.

Updated on: 16/08/2022