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Will my rate change from the rate I was offered?

After you have chosen your loan, you’ll confirm it by signing the loan docs we emailed you. If you’re refi-ing you might do this straight away or if you’re buying, you’ll naturally do it after you’ve found and added your property.

At that point, you’ll get a call from your Loan Guide to discuss locking your rate. If you do lock, you’re protected if rates go up. From there, provided the closing occurs as planned and you don’t adjust the terms of the loan, the rate is set and you can relax.

We set the number of lock days based on how long it will take to close and fund your loan. For a purchase, we base our length of lock on your contract closing date, for a refi, we set it at 45 days.

Your rate cannot change during the lock period.The only thing that can affect your lock is if you change the type of loan you are taking (for e.g. from conforming to FHA) or the loan doesn’t fund before the lock expires. We always do everything within our control to make sure we fund the loan within the lock window to protect your rate.

Updated on: 16/08/2022