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How is Beeline different from other lenders?

We’re plenty different.

While we’re a lender, we want you to focus on the excitement of your ultimate goals - making the most of your equity, buying a great investment property, purchasing your first home...whatever it is - taking you there is more important than the loan itself.

Beeline is the one place you will find conventional and non-QM loans (like DSCR, bank statement loans, etc.) under one roof in 30+ states with an easy online application process and portal to help keep you in the know and streamline your loan experience - compressing the entire meandering journey into a Beeline. Our online journey will directly connect with your bank, pay and tax info or you can upload that information manually (although directly linking allow us to verify the information much faster).

The magic in the experience centers around removing ambiguity and uncertainty and providing best-in-class service from our Loan Guides who are assigned to you through the entire process so you get the best mix of tech and human touch as we help you get into the perfect loan program that fits your needs and goals.

Updated on: 28/11/2023