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Who’s behind Beeline?

The founding team shared a belief that home buying should be fun, not endured. So in early 2019 they got to work, and started making a Beeline. Beeline was co-founded by Nick Liuzza, Greg Ellis, Jay Stockwell, Jessica Kennedy and Cameron Slabosz.

Nick Liuzza (Co-founder/CEO):
Nick recently sold his innovative real estate services company for ~$100 million then merged platform for $1B IPO.

Greg Ellis (Co-founder/CBO):
Proven entrepreneur and talented in product and customer experience. Founder of Australia’s first fintech consumer lender.

Jay Stockwell (Co-founder/CMO):
A 17 year track record of driving incredible growth in competitive verticals using psychology, technology, analytics and AI.

Jess Kennedy (Co-founder/COO):
13 years experience in real estate (legal, compliance, operations, mortgage services) - private and public company experience.

Cameron Slabosz (Co-founder/CTO):
17 years experience designing, developing and executing innovative fintech products and AI technology.

Updated on: 06/06/2023